Thank You Sonoma County!

Thank You

Dear Friends,

All your hard work and support paid off last night as we won with an overwhelming majority of votes.

I want to express my deep appreciation to the voters of Sonoma County and the hundreds of supporters who worked so hard to win this campaign.

I am also grateful for my colleagues – the professionals that work day in and day out in the District Attorney’s office. They have inspired the confidence in our office that the voters expressed so resoundingly in this election.

Thank you for the honor of serving a second term as your District Attorney.

Warmest regards,



KSRO Debate

Jill at KSRO
If you missed the most recent debate on KSRO, check out this link. You’ll get a good snapshot of what’s at stake in this election and why your help has been so important. Thanks again to Steve Jaxon of KSRO's The Drive and Sonoma State University Professor David McCuan for putting on a great debate.



Endorsed by my colleagues

I was thrilled and honored to open the paper today and read a wonderful LTE from my dear friend and colleague Bill Reed. Bill's career serving this county began in the Petaluma Police Dept. back when chickens outnumbered residents and he has yet to stop contributing!

Re-elect Ravitch

EDITOR: As a retired Sonoma County district attorney investigator, I recall when Jill Ravitch began work as a Sonoma County deputy district attorney. It didn’t take long for investigators to realize Ravitch vigorously prosecuted the criminal cases she was assigned. Ravitch prepared her cases for trial very thoroughly. Ravitch also showed compassion and caring for the victims and witnesses she encountered. As an investigator, it gave me the opportunity to assist Ravitch as she prepared the case for trial.

Due to a tragedy in my life, I again came in contact with Ravitch. She told me of a program that her office was responsible for in Sonoma County called the Family Justice Center. She explained how the many agencies work together to assist victims of spousal abuse, sexual assault, elder abuse and many more. This agency was created through the hard work and foresight of Ravitch and others.

With 36 years of law enforcement experience in Sonoma County, I now volunteer my time at this agency. Putting this agency together was long overdue, and Ravitch made it happen. Jill Ravitch has my vote, and many others I know will vote to re-elect her as district attorney.


Santa Rosa


Early voting has begun!

Absentee voting is happening as we speak so remember to fill out for Absentee Ballots or vote on June 3rd! Our first mailer has been going out all over the county! For all of you who haven't received it, click the thumbnail below to check it out!



Windsor Hometown Heroes Parade

Had a wonderful time at the Windsor Parade yesterday! The weather was great, the crowd festive, and the team and I had a blast! Thanks to the Windsor Kiwanis who set up a great parade. Most importantly, thanks to everyone of our Hometown Heroes for their service and dedication!

Jill and Mike McGuire
Getting amped up with Mike McGuire and his crew before the parade!

Jill and Susan Gorin
Susan Gorin stopped by!

Team Ravitch
Part of the Jill Ravitch Team having fun!

A great crowd
What a great crowd!

Lots of support
Getting lots of support!

Great day
A great day!


Endorsed by the Community

Yesterday I woke up to find a great Letter to the Editor from one of my former peers in the DA's office. He was with the office over 20 years and was our environmental prosecutor the entire time. I'm honored to have the support of this dedicated advocate for our environment who spent over 20 years working to protect our natural resources and keep Sonoma County beautiful. Thanks again Jeffrey!

Re-elect Ravitch

EDITOR: I support District Attorney Jill Ravitch in her bid for re-election. Ravitch came to the District Attorney's Office more than 20 years ago and quickly earned the reputation as a tough prosecutor keenly interested in seeing that justice was served and victims of crime were vindicated.
As a former deputy district attorney in the environmental and consumer law division, I, like many in our office, was a beneficiary of her skill and experience when her counsel was sought. I know Ravitch is keenly aware of the need for and has demonstrated the commitment to enforce the laws that protect not only persons and property but also the environment.
Our district attorney now faces difficult decisions on several controversial cases. It is vitally important to have an official, like Ravitch, who will make those decisions free from politics or pressure — be it from the public or from law enforcement.
Ravitch has demonstrated the honesty, integrity, independence and competence that we deserve and demand of our district attorney. For these reasons, I will vote to re-elect Jill Ravitch.




Come join us!

Julia, Jill and Maddy
Had a great time walking neighborhoods in Oakmont with friends and volunteers. The weather was great, I got to meet a lot of new people, and was able to talk about all the successes we've had in the office! If you like walking, let us know and we can walk neighborhoods together!


Butter & Eggs

Butter and Eggs Fire Truck

Jill at Butter and Eggs

Jill with friend at Butter and Eggs
Had a wonderful time at the Petaluma Butter & Eggs Parade over the weekend! Thanks again to all the people who came out helped make the day fun for all!



Friends in Forestville

Forestville friends
Thank you so much to my lovely hosts Gwen and Wendel Trappe, Herman and Guillermina Hernandez, and Doug and Denise Wood! I had a great time meeting the good folks of Forestville and I'm looking forward to next time!



Endorsed by the Press Democrat

I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Press Democrat. Thank you so much and I look forward to building upon my first term.



The 68th Annual Apple Blossom Parade!

Anxiously waitingVolunteers anxiously waiting the start of the parade

Several senior members of staff came out in support!

Much fun
Much fun to be had!

Off walking
Off walking and getting ready to pass candy!

Jill with Dennis Colhurst
Had a great time riding with Dennis Colthurst, Retired Sebastopol Police Officer

Many supporters came to join in the fun!



Justice will prevail

As District Attorney, Jill is working to ensure that the investigation into the Andy Lopez shooting is fair and that no stone is left unturned in the search for the truth. Learn more here.



Endorsed by the WPC-SC

I am honored to have just received the endorsement of the Women's Political Caucus of Sonoma County. As the first woman elected district attorney in Sonoma County, and only one of 12 in the state, this endorsement is special to me.



A packed house at the Sonoma County Democratic Party crab feed

Packed House

A sold-out crowd came to support Sonoma County Democrats on Friday, the 28th.

Jill and Wes Chesbro

Wes Chesbro was the Guest of Honor.

Jill and Marcos Suarez

Marcos Suarez shows his support.

With the Pasta King!

With the Pasta King!



Rotary rocks in Oakmont!


I joined over a hundred happy crab consumers last night, including my friends Valerie Hulsey and Jim Wood. Raising money for worthy causes, and having some fun as well!




Another great result from our Consumer Protection division!

Over half a million dollars from this suit will go right back into protecting Sonoma County consumers from fraud, false advertising, and other illegal practices.



Safe Neighborhoods

My goal is to make Sonoma County the safest county I can – and one way to do that is engage people before they commit crimes. I believe a collaborative approach to community programs can bring better results. Check out this article about our new program, Safe Neighborhoods D.A.



Another voter!

Reni and Jill

Just turned 18 and registered to vote!
Happy birthday and thanks for the support Reni!



Good Editorial in the PD Today

There is absolutely no place for politics in this investigation.



Supplement Maker Ordered to Pay Fine

This article highlights another outstanding outcome achieved by our consumer fraud prosecution unit. The $95,000 gained from that settlement will help us fight consumer fraud and protect the residents of Sonoma County.



Endorsed by Kamala Harris

AG Kamala Harris

What an honor! As a career prosecutor and former district attorney, Attorney General Kamala Harris understands the important role that district attorneys play in keeping their counties safe. She has been a strong partner with local law enforcement and I am grateful for her vote of confidence in the work that we are doing in our local DA’s office.



Endorsed by the CBSC

CBSC logo

Sonoma County voters elected me in 2010 to reform a troubled agency — and that’s exactly what I did. I put safety first and improved accountability, focused scarce resources on crimes having the greatest impact and expanded services for crime victims and their families. I know that to build a strong economy, improve our quality of life and create a brighter future for all of us, we must keep Sonoma County safe. I am proud to have the endorsement of the Coalition for a Better Sonoma County.

P.S. If you missed my conversation with Steve Jaxon on KSRO's The Drive, you can listen to the full interview here. As usual, we had a great time discussing what's been going on in the office as well as the campaign!



A New KSRO Interview

If you have a moment, check out my latest radio interview on KSRO. I had a great chat with Steve Jaxon about all the great work going on in the DA's office and about our exciting progress on the campaign.



More funding for DUI prosecution

I'm proud to start the New Year with more funds to target DUI's in this county. Have fun and stay safe on New Year's Eve!



Return of the Pasta Feed!



Thanks to all who attended or contributed to our Pasta Feed last week! We had a great crowd, good conversation and lots of fun.

Jill with Art Ibleto
I also want to give a big shout out to the Pasta King, Sunce Winery and Worth our Weight for making our event so successful!

Pasta Feed
More Pasta Feed


KSRO Interview

I appreciated Steve Jaxon's interview on KSRO on the legal process in place to investigate the tragic shooting of Andy Lopez. I reaffirmed my commitment to a fair process & full explanation for the community when I release my decision. You can listen here:



Democratic Party BBQ

Democratic BBQ

I attended the Democratic Party's BBQ at Howarth Park and joined many others to discuss the issues of the day and upcoming campaigns, including my own!

Ravitch, Zane, Gorin, Maldonado

It was wonderful to see so many powerful women at the BBQ, including Supervisors Zane and Gorin as well as Lisa Maldonado, Executive Director of North Bay Labor Council.



Pitching In

I enjoyed spending time being part of the the United Way Day of Caring project today. I helped Habitat for Humanity organize boxes of light fixtures that were donated. Thanks to all of those who took time out of their busy lives to give back to this vibrant community!

DA Jill Ravitch at the United Way Day of Caring

Supervisor David Rabbitt and County Administrator Veronica Ferguson
joined in the effort.


A Call For Sensible Gun Legislation

I joined Supervisor Shirlee Zane at rally to support Congressman Mike Thompson's effort to pass sensible gun use legislation at Courthouse Square.

DA Jill Ravitch and Supervisor Shirlee Zane

The gathering was sponsored by Organizing for America, and many came out to call for federal legislation requiring a background check prior to the purchase of a firearm, as well as a ban on assault weapons.


Felony Convictions at a 10-Year High

I was proud to read about the outstanding work my office has been doing in the Press Democrat. Though only a small part of the picture, this report by the Attorney General confirms that we are making progress. As I said in the article, we can always do better. Thanks for your support.


A fun day at the Cotati Kids' Parade

Jill at the Cotati Kids' Parade


Thank you!

The Re-Elect Jill Ravitch for District Attorney Campaign Kickoff was a rousing success!

Turnout was phenomenal, with as many as 250 supporters in attendance!

Jill Ravitch, Katie Jackson and
Jill with Carolyn Wasem and Katie Jackson, who hosted
the event on behalf of the Jackson family.

Mike McGuire speaks
Mike McGuire speaks in support of Jill.

Steve Freitas speaks
Sheriff Steve Freitas gave a fiery speech.

Applause for Jill
Jill gets a well-deserved round of applause from
Mary Szecsey and Michelle Whitman.


Kickoff Sponsors

Tony Crabb & Barbara Grasseschi, Puma Springs Vineyards
Henry Trione
Janae & Frane Franicevic, Sunce Winery
Perry, Johnson, Anderson, Miller & Moskowitz, LLP
Jean Schulz
D.W. Enterprises
Rick Theis, Founder, Leadership Institute for the Ecology and the Economy
Go Local
Balletto Vineyards
Bear Republic
Susan Gorin, 1st District Supervisor
Joseph Palla, Mayor of Cloverdale
Julie Combs, Santa Rosa City Council
Sarah Glade Gurney, Sebastopol City Council
Deborah Fudge, Windsor Town Council
Anne-Therese Ageson
Bill Andrews
Bonnie Arthur
Suzanne Babb
Ralph Benson
Sandra Benko
Jim Berger
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